Kobo in Mexico book chain partnership

Kobo in Mexico book chain partnership

Two Mexican book chains have partnered with Kobo to create a new e-book reading service called Orbile.

Kobo will power the e-bookstore for both publisher and retailer Libreria Porrúa, which has nearly 70 bookstores in Mexico and, chain Gandhi, which has 30 stores.

While the two retailers are competitors in other areas of business, they have jointly created Orbile, powered by Kobo, to offer a “unified e-reading service to Mexican readers.”

Michael Tamblyn, president of Rakuten Kobo Inc, said: “We have worked very closely with the teams at both Porrúa and Gandhi to create the best e-bookstore possible, and formed an alliance that is a first for us and the industry in the Americas. The passion for books and reading is a common bond amongst us, and we look forward to offering this market not only a wide assortment of e-books but an inspiring shopping and reading experience as well.”

Readers will be able to choose from titles across publishers, including the most popular bestsellers, literary works, comics, graphic novels, and children’s content, and will be able to browse a store merchandised with Mexico’s booklovers in mind, Kobo said.

Rodrigo Pérez-Porrúa, sales director of Porrúa, added: “With this partnership, Porrúa continues to honour its philosophy: ‘culture within everyone’s reach’, which is now enriched with the inclusion of new tools that allow people to have access to the universe of e-books. As one of the oldest and most renowned book companies in the country, we are thrilled to keep finding ways to make available for everyone what we are most passionate about: books.”  

The e-bookstore will be open for business in September 2015, offering a full and rich catalogue with more than 70,000 titles in Spanish, within a total of 4m titles, as well as Kobo devices that will be available in Porrúa and Gandhi’s bookstores. Meanwhile, the free e-reading app will be co-branded, and will allow customers to access and read from their libraries  on any iOS or Android device.