Kobo launches trackable app discovery campaign

Kobo launches trackable app discovery campaign

A new app discovery campaign has been launched for Kobo by mobile marketing agency Yodelmobile.

The campaign runs globally across the web and mobile device platforms, and features banners and HTML5 advertising to drive smartphone, tablet and web users to download the Kobo app. Users can then buy e-books and access free titles to read on a Kobo e-reader or any device on which the app has been downloaded.

The campaign will also give visibility into the app's usage, including who is downloading it and what they're reading.

The campaign is said to form "part of Kobo's strategy to become one of the largest e-reader providers globally".

Ijah Miller, Kobo campaign planner at Yodelmobile said: "The key to this campaign is the complexity of the tracking. . .  This means that we can retarget advertising according to whether [users] are heavy or light readers, what they are reading or what device they are
reading on."

Kobo's head of digital John Gareau said: "The Kobo apps allow you to read Kobo books on multiple mobile devices and you're also able to continue reading on the web and the Kobo e-reader.

"Connectivity is key—picking up your book on whatever device you happen to be on at the time in order to carry on reading."