Kobo launches e-book store in Germany

Kobo launches e-book store in Germany

Kobo has begun selling e-books in Germany, including offering 80,000 titles in the German language, and 2.4 million e-books in total. The e-bookseller is also promising that its devices will be sold in a major consumer electronics retailer in the country by August.

Kobo has also developed free German-language apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android, with a PlayBook app coming soon. Kobo will be launching additional e-book stores in Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands.

The move puts it ahead of Amazon in the development of the European digital market. Amazon.de's Kindle store went live earlier this year with 25,000 German language titles.

Michael Serbinis, chief executive of Kobo, said: "The European reading community is hungry for e-books, and with our rollout in Germany we're realizing our vision of delivering local content and immersive reading experiences to more readers, on more platforms, in more countries around the world."

He added: "We believe our country-specific launch into Germany as well as our upcoming entries into Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands will be embraced by the European eReading community as consumers seek to build their lifetime digital libraries, reading over multiple devices, whether eReader, smartphone, tablet, desktop or netbook."