Donald Trump Annual coming from Kings Road

Donald Trump Annual coming from Kings Road

The first unofficial Donald Trump Annual is set to be published in October 2018 by 535, an imprint of Kings Road Publishing (KRP).

The Donald Trump Annual 2019 is a "light-hearted ‘celebration’ of everything in Trump World – the hair, the gaffs, the tweets and… the politics", according to the publisher. 

The book, which has been created in-house, will feature activities including a "pin the tail on The Donald", spot the difference and a year in the life of Trump, among others.

Playing on the controversial expose of Trump's presidency, Fire and Fury (Little, Brown), which yesterday trumped Kerridge to the number one spot, KRP promises the annual will make "the perfect gift for anyone who likes to laugh at the most laughable man on the planet, or, as his nemesis Michael Wolff recently remarked, a man ‘with less credibility than perhaps anybody who has ever walked the earth.'"

Publisher at 535, Joel Simons, said: "Despite his questionable politics, Donald Trump is simply the gift that keeps on giving and sadly doesn’t look like he’ll be riding off into the sunset anytime soon. With The Donald remaining in the hot seat for the foreseeable I think it’s time we all embraced him for the comic anti-hero he has unwittingly become and, with the first ever Donald Trump Annual, celebrate the absurd, delusional, and outrageous world of the 45th president of the United States."