King's The Colorado Kid published in UK for the first time

King's The Colorado Kid published in UK for the first time

Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid will have a mainstream publication in the UK for the first time next July, by Titan Books.

The Colorado Kid will be published on 2nd July 2019 by Titan's imprint Hard Case Crime in paperback featuring exclusive cover art by Paul Mann, as well as 20 new interior illustrations, retailing at £7.99. Hard Case Crime's founder and editor-in-chief Charles Ardai bought world English rights from Chuck Verrill of New York-based literary agency Darhansoff & Verrill.

The new edition – the book’s first ever in the larger trade paperback format – will feature a new cover painting and 20 new illustrations by popular Hard Case Crime artist Paul Mann, as well as illustrations by Mark Edward Geyer, Mark Summers and Kate Kelton. 

The book tells the story of two veteran newspapermen and their investigation into the mysterious death of a man on an island off the coast of Maine. How does a man wind up dead on a beach, alone, with no identification, two thousand miles from home? And what does it mean to grapple with questions like that, not knowing if you’ll ever learn the answers?

Originally published into the North American markets by Hard Case Crime, in 2005 for an agreed three-year period, with no further print publications since 2008, The Colorado Kid has never been published in the US, outside of a speciality hardback edition from small speciality horror press, PS. 

"We're really delighted therefore that in agreement with Stephen King we'll be bringing The Colorado Kid back to bookshelves in the US for the first time in a decade, and for the first time ever in trade distribution for the UK in July 2019,” a Titan Books spokesman said.

In 2005, King "put up-and-coming mystery imprint Hard Case Crime on the map" when he wrote the mystery, Titan said. The Colorado Kid, billed as "a one-of-a-kind investigation of mystery stories" landed on the New York Times Bestseller List, and inspired the TV series "Haven", which ran for six years on the SyFy network, Titan said.

However, Hard Case Crime was only allowed to publish the book until 2008, and since then King has not authorised any other print publication of the book in the US.

“From the day I first read the manuscript, I’ve loved this book,” said Hard Case Crime editor Ardai. “It was a privilege to be The Colorado Kid’s first publisher and it is an honour to get to reintroduce it to readers, ten years later, in this very special new edition.”

Titan is based in London, but operates worldwide, with sales and distribution in the US and Canada being handled by Random House.