Kindle tops

<p>The Kindle eBook device topped;s list of best-selling electronic goods for 2008, beating competition from Apple&rsquo;s iPhone and iPod touch, the online retailer has revealed.</p><p>The Kindle was also the most popular electronic gift purchase and the most wished-for electronic product in the US Amazon&rsquo;s lists. The Nintendo Wii was the bestselling games console.</p><p>Stephenie Meyer continued to attract fans in the wake of the recently-released film &quot;Twilight&quot;, with <em>Breaking Dawn</em>, the fourth book in the teen vampire series, beating off all other competition to the top spot for bestselling books. </p><p>J K Rowling&rsquo;s Harry Potter spin-off <em>The Tales of Beedle the Bard</em> was the most wished for book of 2008.</p>