Kindle sparks e-book sales

<p>In one of the first indications as to whether;s e-book device is proving to be a success or not, the Associated Press reports that publishing officials are saying that they have seen double digit increases in e-book sales since the Kindle&#39;s release, including renewed interest in downloads on the Sony Reader. Sales for the most popular books are in the hundreds, comparable to the number for the Sony, which came out in 2006.<br /><br />&quot;The Kindle has increased awareness. Publishers have told me that in some cases the Sony numbers were double or triple to what they had been,&quot; says Michael Smith, head of the International Digital Publishing Forum, which tracks e-book sales.<br /><br />According to the International Digital Publishing Forum, sales have risen steadily over the past six years, from around $6 million in 2002 to around $33 million in 2007.</p>