Kindle Entertainment options O’Briain’s memoir

Kindle Entertainment options O’Briain’s memoir

Kindle Entertainment has signed a film and TV option deal with OWN IT! to adapt Shauna O’Briain’s memoir.

Crystal Mahey-Morgan, publisher and m.d. of OWN IT! will act as an executive producer on the project to adapt Moments of Significance with O’Briain acting as a consultant.

The memoir was published in March 2018 by OWN IT! as “a non-linear narrative packed with poetry, prose and fragments of memories,” the mutlimedia publisher said. “Told through Shauna’s personal experiences of growing up on an inner-city London council estate as a white working-class queer woman, Moments of Significance is an exploration of society and the political told through a very personal collage of experiences.”

O’Briain is also known as MC Angel, and is an author performing both as a spoken word artist and a hip hop emcee as well as at literature festivals nationwide.

A spokesperson at Kindle Entertainment said: “We are incredibly excited about the freshness and authenticity of Shauna’s writing. This is a coming of age tale on acid. Shauna’s writing will resonate with anyone who feels unheard or overlooked - a celebration of poetry, of survival and of the human spirit.”

O’Briain, who is now working on her debut novel, said: “My background and experiences should have crippled me but because of my writing my hardest times can become my greatest treasures and hopefully inspire others along the way.”

Kindle is independent television production company based in London, England. It launched after ITV Kids was closed, and current personnel includes Anne Brogan, the former controller of ITV Kids, and former head of development at ITV Kids Melanie Stokes.