Kindle edition 'outselling' print version on

<p>The Kindle version of Dan Brown&#39;s <em>The Lost Symbol</em> is outselling the print version, according to;s own chart. The Mystery &amp; Thrillers chart, which is updated hourly, combines both print and Kindle editions, with Kindle-watchers reporting since yesterday that the Kindle edition has been ahead of the print version. <br /><br />Blogger Stephen Windwalker who runs a daily blog for Kindle users wrote: &quot;Maybe that isn&#39;t the biggest story of 2009 in the world of reading. But I am having trouble imagining what could be bigger.&quot; Another added: &quot;The electronic book age is really about to burst upon us.&quot;</p><p>Windwalker wrote that the hardcover edition of <em>The Lost Symbol</em> nosed ahead of the Kindle edition in Amazon&#39;s sales rankings yesterday afternoon, but not for long. &quot;The Kindle edition was back on top last night.&quot; He added: &quot;It now seems evident that the Kindle numbers will, at least, be in the same ballpark as the hardcover numbers.&quot;</p><p>The book is proving no slouch in the print world, too. Random House revealed that the book had set a record for one-day sales of any book at Random House in both the US and the UK, with more than one million copies sold. In the US Doubleday has gone back to press for another 600,000 copies.</p>