Kickstarter publishing projects raised $22m in 2014

Kickstarter publishing projects raised $22m in 2014

Publishing projects launched on crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter raised $21.8m (£15m) internationally in 2014, according to the company’s end-of-year round-up.

Last year, 22,252 Kickstarter projects reached their funding goals thanks to $529m of pledges from 3.3m backers.

Publishing was the third most common type of project on Kickstarter, with 2,064 successfully funded ventures worldwide, after music (4,009) and film and video (3,846). Another six categories – art, design, food, games, technology and theatre – had more than 1,000 projects.

In the UK specifically, 261,771 backers pledged $39.1m (£25.7m) to Kickstarter projects.

Several authors and publishers in the UK have used Kickstarter to fund book publishing, including the estate of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, who wanted to create a new series. It later picked up a publishing deal with Orion.

Last year, journalist and author Ellie Levenson raised £2,191 to publish a book about democracy for toddlers, The Election, which was published this month by her own publishing company Fisherton Press.

Levenson said Kickstarter allowed her to “launch with a bang… I liked the idea of a book about democracy being funded by as many people as possible, and hopefully having all the funders help with the PR too. I asked for £2,000 which was quite a modest amount but you only get the money if you raise the whole amount and I didn't want to ask for more and end up with nothing. It meant I could pay an advance to the illustrator rather than rely on post-sales royalties.”