Kerr new m.d. of Blackwell Library Supply

Kerr new m.d. of Blackwell Library Supply

Former Dawson Books managing director Diane Kerr has been tasked with making Blackwell Library Services more customer-focused while “accelerating” its e-book strategy, after she was appointed its m.d.

Kerr will begin her post on 11th July. Trevor Goul-Wheeker, chairman of Blackwell, said Kerr was “the best library executive in the UK”. He said: “She has the most extensive knowledge of academic library supply and we welcome the breadth of skills she will bring to the company at board level.

“In particular, she will focus the business on the customer and ensure Blackwell deliver the quality of service that librarians rightly demand of their suppliers in addition to further accelerating our e-books strategy.”

Kerr said: “These are tough times for the library supply business, however, Blackwell at this stage of their history is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to the challenge.”

Former Blackwell c.e.o Andrew Hutchings has been managing the company’s library supply business on an interim period over the last few weeks since stepping down from his post. The company recently dissolved the role of c.e.o in favour of running Blackwell under two business units with two separate m.ds. David Prescott is the m.d for the retail and online side of the business.