Kerr and Morpurgo support Seven Stories expansion campaign

Kerr and Morpurgo support Seven Stories expansion campaign

Children’s authors Judith Kerr and Michael Morpurgo will next week launch a campaign to fund a new gallery at Seven Stories, the Newcastle-based National Centre for Children’s Books.

The centre has already raised £85,000 but is looking to find another £85,000 to reach its £170,000 goal.

Kate Edwards, Seven Stories chief executive, said: "We want the body of work exhibited in the gallery to promote enquiry, exploration and debate – the livelier the better!

“The displays will reflect the full, diverse spectrum of publishing for children, from picture books to young adult fiction, exploring not only history and heritage but also current trends and future themes. Children’s books and the way we consume them is evolving and we are excited to explore the possibilities in the production of books for children and young people.”

Kerr and Morpurgo, who have both previously donated work to the Seven Stories archive, are supporting the fundraising initiative.

Kerr said: “Seven Stories is such a wonderful organisation and I feel confident and happy that my work will always be protected and enjoyed in such a perfect setting. Seven Stories has a bold vison for the future of its collection and this Collection gallery will enable as many people as possible to be inspired by the work held within their precious archive.”

Morpurgo added: ““I have known Seven Stories for a number of years and admired the way that it has worked quietly and diligently to fill an obvious gap in our culture by founding a National children’s literature archive and by using it to make amazing exhibitions.”

The company will launch its fundraising campaign at the October Gallery in London on 27th September. The event will be attended by authors and illustrators such as Anthony Browne, Michael Foreman, Yasmeen Ismail and David McKee.