Kellie Maloney book released two months early

Kellie Maloney book released two months early

Blink Publishing has moved the release of Kellie Maloney’s biography forward by more than a month, as the spotlight is on “the issue of transgender” now.

Frankly Kellie: Becoming A Woman In A Man’s World tells Kellie’s story, from being born a boy named Frank who went on to become a boxing promoter to revealing in 2014 that she was undergoing gender realignment surgery.

She said: “All my life I’d lived a lie. I couldn’t go on living like that because it was slowly destroying me. I wanted to be a woman. It was time to stop being Frank and to start being Kellie. I simply wanted to be true to myself, I wasn’t having a brain transplant. All I was really doing was changing the wrapping.”

Blink was originally due to publish Maloney’s book on 13th August, but has decided to move publication forward following a recent television documentary on Maloney and the commentary surrounding Caitlyn Jenner. Former athlete and reality TV star Jenner was formerly called Bruce Jenner, but recently came out as a trans woman and appeared in a photo shoot last week on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine under her new identity. 

Karen Browning, head of PR at Blink Publishing, said: “With all the recent publicity around Kellie, her return to boxing promotion, the Channel 5 documentary “No Going Back” which aired last week and her commentary on Caitlyn Jenner recently, we’ve decided to pull the publication date forward for her autobiography Frankly Kellie: Becoming A Woman In A Man’s World.

“It just seemed we were missing a trick while the spotlight is on her and the issue of transgender so instead of August the book will now be out June 25th. We’ve had to move fast to do this and the book is printing now.”

Frankly Kellie will now be released on 25th June as a £16.99 hardback.