Kellaway's memoir goes to Ebury

Kellaway's memoir goes to Ebury

Ebury Press has acquired a memoir from former Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway, which will share the story of her decision to leave her job in journalism to become a teacher.

The publisher explains: "Re-educated: How I Changed My Job, My Home, My Husband and My Hair follows Kellaway in the pursuit of her new vocation, as she leaves her marriage and family home and navigates a new life in the classroom. Retraining as a teacher, Lucy discovers there is a world of new possibilities awaiting her – and also learns that you can teach an old dog new tricks, providing they are willing to un-learn a few old ones along the way."

Robyn Drury, commissioning editor, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, at auction from Clare Alexander at Aitken Alexander Associates. Publication is slated for 1st July 2021. 

Drury said: "More than ever in the last year, many of us have found ourselves questioning our lives and asking whether we’re living the way we truly want. Many of us want to make changes, but few of us have made them as exuberantly and whole-heartedly as Lucy, who has written about her reinvention with the wit and energy that won her so many readers at the FT. I have no doubt that it will inspire people to take the leap in their own lives, and we’re absolutely delighted to be publishing it at Ebury."

Kellaway commented: "Shortly before I turned 60, I took it into my head to change almost my entire life. Re-educated is an attempt to make sense of why and how I did that. It’s meant for anyone else who wants to change their life as well as for anyone who is happy with their lives and prefers change as a spectator sport."