Katz retires from Hatchards

<p>Roger Katz, Hatchards&#39; sales manager, is retiring from the bookseller at the end of April, after 19 years with the London Piccadilly bookshop.</p><p>Katz&#39;s farewell party will coincide with Hatchard&#39;s annual author of the year reception on 28th April.</p><p>He said: &quot;I came to Hatchards in 1991, initially with the aim of running the store up until its 200th birthday celebrations in 1997. I&#39;ve had 20 years of sheer joy working with some truly creative people&mdash;our marvellous authors, their publishers, our own bookselling team and importantly, our<br />fascinating and ever-loyal customers.&quot;</p><p>Gavin Pilgrim, general manager of Hatchards, said: &quot;It&#39;s been my exceptional privilege to have worked with Roger Katz over the last four years. To say that he&#39;s a living legend of the book trade doesn&#39;t even begin to do him jjustice and his place in Hatchards&#39; long history is assured. </p><p>&quot;Roger has contributed so much towards making Hatchards a truly great bookshop and I will dearly miss his boundless energy and generosity. We&#39;re extremely proud to be building on his legacy and I know that the team will wish him the very best.&quot;</p>