Katie Hopkins memoir to Biteback

Katie Hopkins memoir to Biteback

Biteback is to publish Rude, the memoir of highly controversial columnist and broadcaster Katie Hopkins.

Iain Dale, m.d. of Biteback Publishing, acquired world rights to the title which will be published in October supported by a "major" publicity campaign.

Dale said: "I’m really pleased to be publishing Katie. I realise she is a marmite character for some, with her robust opinions about a broad range of issues, but this book takes us behind the controversy to see the real Katie. I think a lot of people will be surprised!"

Hopkins rose to fame as a contestant on "The Apprentice", where she created furore by withdrawing from the contest at the final hurdle. She has also starred on "Celebrity Big Brother" and presents a radio show on LBC, where Iain Dale also broadcasts. Her frequently controversial columns for the Daily Mail have included a scathing attack on Creative Access and a column in which she falsely accused a Muslim family of extremism, for which the Mail subsequently apologised and paid out £150,000 in damages to the family. She has also charted her personal battle with epilepsy. Hopkins previously wrote for the Sun where a particularly heavily criticised column likened asylum seekers to cockroaches.

The synopsis for her memoir reads: "Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins is impossible to ignore, and this hilarious and revealing new book – part memoir, part handbook for the modern woman – is the same. Laughing through the chapters of her life, she shares her disasters, her biggest disappointments and the time she had to ring her super sensible boss to say she was on the front pages of the tabloids having sex in a field.

"From being kicked out of the army for being epileptic, to firing little Lord Sugar; from her first husband leaving her in the maternity ward for the big-boobed secretary, to the reality behind 'Celebrity Big Brother', she has plenty of surprises to share and lessons she thinks we should learn. Readers be warned, however. Katie doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and neither does she hold back, making her as honest in her book as she is in life. But this book is an introduction to a quieter Katie too, one people seldom see. She takes us beyond her front door and into the privacy of her home, writing as a mum of three, sharing things even she feels awkward saying."

Hopkins said: "This book is written by the 'me' my family see, sitting on my sofa, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying at my life."