Karnac Books moves premises

Karnac Books moves premises

One of London’s oldest independent bookshops, Karnac, has moved to a new location on Finchley Road.

The shop, which was founded by Harry Karnac in 1950 and specialises in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, began in Gloucester Road and over the decades has occupied three other locations, most recently around 200 metres away at 118 Finchley Road.

Shop manager Richard Szymczak, who has worked at the specialist mind-related bookstore for more than 20 years, said the outlet had recently seen an uplift in psychology titles.   

He told The Bookseller: “Over the last two or three years particularly there's been an interest in psychology books, year-on-year we were seeing an increase of around a quarter in our sales of that section. More people have become interested in our subjects. Interest in psychoanalysis have increased and other areas such as trauma.”

The store has five staff members who have described the space as “a great place for quiet browsing, and the range expands every year”.

Most of the staff have been at Karnac for 10 years or more. As well as the shop, the company also operates a mail order business, selling an even wider range of titles online and by phone.

Szymczak said the store was forced to move but its new look has drawn praise from customers. He said: “There were lease complications in the old store so we were fortunate to find somewhere nearby. It’s slightly smaller on the shopfloor but is just more compact and we have the same amount of shelf-space but it looks a lot better and a lot of people say it looks more smart. We have two floors now, with the downstairs for dispatch and mail order and we use it as an office.”

The shop can now be found at 12 New College Parade, Finchley Road, London, NW3 5EP. For more information, visit shop@karnacbooks.com.