Kania swaps HC for Conville & Walsh

Literary agency Conville & Walsh has hired Carrie Kania, senior vice-president and publisher of HarperCollins US imprints It Books and HarperPerennial, as an agent.

Speaking to the New York Observer, she said: "Moving to London has been a life-long dream and HarperCollins has been wonderful, kind, generous and supportive of letting some kid try to make her dream come true."

Walsh told The Bookseller Kania was hired for her knowledge of the American market and her mix of corporate and subversive publishing tastes. He said: "We also like her web nous, her marketing skills and, frankly, Carrie as a person for she’s great fun, considered in everything she does and whip-smart. We also love the fact that she’s firmly plugged into the fashion, blog and underground music world."

Kania has been at HarperCollins since 1999 and ran HarperPerennial since 2005.