Jurassic London in exclusive deal with Best Little Bookshop

Jurassic London in exclusive deal with Best Little Bookshop

Independent publisher Jurassic London has signed an exclusive distribution deal with online boutique bookseller Best Little Bookshop.

Jurassic London was founded by Anne C Perry, editor at Hodder & Stoughton and winner of the 2014 Kim Scott Walwyn Prize, and her husband Jared Shurin, in 2011.

The company has published more than 20 titles, including luxury limited editions, anthologies of original fiction and selected reprints of classic works.

Jurassic London’s next two titles will be exclusively available via Best Little Bookshop.

Kieron Smith, m.d. of Best Little Bookshop, said: “I have long been a fan of the wonderful editions being published by Jurassic London. They’re an exemplary and award winning small press which embodies a passion for quality writing and production, the books are both a joy to read and to own. We’re very pleased to be able to help get their books into readers’ hands.”

Shurin said: “Since Best Little Bookshop opened its virtual doors, I’ve been shopping there on a daily basis. I admire how they curate the best of small presses and highlight the most beautiful books, and am proud that two of ours have been selected to join their ranks.”

The two Jurassic London titles are The Good Shabti by Robert Sharp, a thriller that spans thousands of years, and The Reef by Mark Charan Newton, originally published in 2008 by Pendragon Press and described as “a tale of weird pulp adventure”.

The Good Shabti will be available as an exclusive limited, numbered edition with cover art by Jeffrey Alan Love, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Egypt Exploration Society.

The Reef will be edited with the author's preferred text and released in an edition of 75 signed and numbered hardcover copies with art created by Philippa Rice. Proceeds will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Best Little Bookshop was founded by former Book Depository m.d Smith and will sell books to 100 countries, in 19 currencies with the website available in five languages.