Julie Burchill to crowd-fund new book

Julie Burchill to crowd-fund new book

Journalist and author Julie Burchill is set to release her new book Unchosen: The Memoirs of a Philosemite with crowd-funded publisher Unbound.

The title will be "part-memoir, part love letter, part meditation" and will also cover topics such as  Jews in culture and the rise of new anti-Semitism; Burchill described it as “like An Education, but with more drugs, more sex and a lot more Jews”

She said: “This is the one book I really want to write. They say you can never get over your first love, and in my case they were right. But, typically greedy, my first love was a whole race of people—the Jews.”

Readers can pledge to make the book happen at www.unbound.co.uk, and Burchill will write it as the funding accumulates. Unbound will publish the book once it reaches its fundraising target.

Unbound co-founder John Mitchinson said: "Julie is a legend— we’ve all grown up on her brilliant prose and her talent for provoking outrage. Now here she is on the subject she knows and loves best. Expect something extraordinary."

Burchill was voted one of the Top Ten Most Positive Non-Jews Positively Influencing the Jewish Future by the Algemeiner Journal of New York.