Judicial review may force Wirral publication

<p>A Wirral councillor is threatening to use a legal challenge to force publication of the Sue Charteris Wirral inquiry report. </p><p>The independent councillor, David Kirwan, a solicitor, is preparing to launch a claim for judicial review, according to a report in the Liverpool Daily Post yesterday (2nd November). </p><p>The development comes after culture minister Margaret Hodge announced that publication of the inquiry into Wirral&#39;s plans to close 11 branch libraries would be delayed following Wirral council&#39;s sudden u-turn on the project last month. Library campaigners have expressed concern at the delay in publishing the report.</p><p>It has since emerged that some Wirral councillors and officers were privy to a draft copy of the report sent to the council for checking. </p><p>Kirwan said: &quot;The tax-paying voters of Wirral continue to be treated with utter contempt by Wirral Council. The latest revelation that the council&#39;s own solicitor doesn&#39;t have a clue exactly who has seen the report is scandalous. In the light of this revelation, we are actively considering launching a judicial review to end this suppression once and for all.&quot;</p>