Judicial review on cards in Doncaster libraries row

Judicial review on cards in Doncaster libraries row

A Doncaster resident has been granted permission to bring an application for judicial review challenging the Mayor of Doncaster over library closures.

Mayor Peter Davies proposed a budget to Doncaster's councillors in February; however a proposed budget amendment allocating funds to save two closed libraries and forestall the handing over of 12 more to volunteers was passed by full council in March. Nonetheless the mayor has said he plans to press on with his original plan.

Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers, the legal firm representing the Doncaster resident who is applying for judicial review, said: "The mayor's refusal to implement the decision of a two-thirds majority of all Doncaster's councillors is not only disastrous for the future of Doncaster's libraries, it raises a fundamental question about the elected mayor system."

Granting permission for the application, His Honour Judge Gosnell said the claim was "clearly arguable".

Doncaster council's director of finance and corporate services Simon Wiles said: "We are very confident that the mayor has acted properly and in accordance with the clear legal advice he has received, and that the decisions taken will be successfully defended."