Judge puts hold on publication of The Terrorist Hunters

<p>Booksellers have been told to withdraw from sale <em>The Terrorist Hunters</em> by Britain&#39;s former head of counter-terrorism Andy Hayman after a High Court judge placed a temporary injunction order on it late last night (1st July). </p><p>Booksellers were contacted by Transworld this morning (2nd July) and asked to remove the book, but not return it. A spokeswoman for Transworld&#39;s parent Random House stated: &quot;An order has been granted restraining the publication of the book. We are unable to comment further until the full hearing.&quot; The hearing could take place as soon as next week.</p><p>The book was briefly listed for sale on Amazon.co.uk today, but has now been removed. It is not available on Waterstones.com, or WHSmith.co.uk, though remains &quot;in stock&quot; at The Book Depository, Play.com, and Tesco.com. </p><p>The full reasons for the injunction cannot be published for legal reasons.</p><p>Hayman was Scotland Yard assistant commissioner during the 7th July attacks, the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the murder of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko. The book was part-serialised in the <em>Times</em> last week. Copies of the book has already been seen by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Cabinet Office, MI5 and MI6 and the Metropolitan Police Authority.</p>