Judge hears motions in Amazon class-action

<p>A judge has started to hear motions from Amazon and Booklocker in the class-action suit that Booklocker filed, after the retailer demanded<a href="../news/58898-pod-publisher-files-amazon-class-action.html" target="_blank"> that POD publishers sign up with its printing subsidiary Booksurge</a>, reports TeleRead.</p><p>Amazon asked that the case be dismissed on the grounds that it has the right to decide whose products it does or does not want to carry, while Booklocker countered that Amazon is illegally trying to leverage its domination of the market for selling paper books over the Internet into similar domination of the unrelated print-on-demand field.</p><p>A ruling is expected on Amazon&rsquo;s motion to dismiss sometime after Labor Day. If the case is not dismissed, full arguments will be heard in court at a later date.</p>