John Murray picks up Harkaway on digital

Roland Philipps at John Murray has bought a book on digital written by the author Nick Harkaway, which argues that the new technologies will make us more human.

Philipps bought British Commonwealth rights through Patrick Walsh at Conville & Walsh before the fair with the intention of publishing in April 2012. He said: "Peak Digital will establish Harkaway as the voice of cautious optimism, like an English Cory Doctorow, and provide a much needed antidote to all of that 'is Google making us stupid' talk." Translation rights remain available.

Harkaway, the son of John le Carré, has written two novels: the first The Gone Away-World, was  published by Heinemann in 2009, and his second, Angelmaker, will be published in September. He blogs on digital on his own blog and also on FutureBook, The Bookseller's digital blog.