John Murray nabs New Scientist

John Murray nabs New Scientist

John Murray Press is partnering with New Scientist in a new three-year publishing deal.

JMP m.d. Nick Davies bought world rights in 18 titles from Toby Mundy at Toby Mundy Associates and will publish them under the New Scientist branding, beginning in autumn 2016.

The magazine’s titles have been published lucratively in the UK by Profile: 1.9 million print units earned £10.2m through Nielsen BookScan UK, led by the Christmas 2006 hit Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?, which has sold over 750,000 copies.

Davies said: "This is a landmark project...this deal goes right to the heart of our publishing mission: to make serious, cutting-edge ideas as entertaining, accessible and as widely read as possible."

The launch title, The Origin of Everything, written by New Scientist deputy editor Graham Lawton, features infographic double-page spreads by graphic designer Jennifer Daniel. It is the first in a new illustrated strand that will launch at New Scientist Live, the magazine’s stream of events, in September 2016. It will be followed by The New Scientist Book of Puzzles, Conundrums and Optical Illusions in September 2017, and The New Scientist Book of the Elements in September 2018. A new Instant Expert brand, comprising "accessible entry points to the most important subjects in science", will also launch in spring 2017.

New Scientist has five around million readers globally across its various platforms, and Davies said the publication’s international reach would play a part in a global marketing campaign for the new titles, in collaboration with the magazine’s teams in Europe, the US and Australasia.