John Murray to explain 'Big Data'

John Murray to explain 'Big Data'

John Murray has acquired a title which it is billing as the "first comprehensive look" at the implications of our increasing access to data.

Managing director Roland Philipps acquired British Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights to When Data Speaks: How the Information Explosion Revolutionises Business and Society in a pre-emptive bid from Kate McLennan at Abner Stein, acting on behalf of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in the US. John Murray and HMH will publish simultaneously in early spring 2013.

The title is co-authored by Economist data editor Kenneth Cukier and Oxford professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Phillips said: "This is one of those rare proposals that makes the layman understand how very differently the world around us is being interpreted and how decisions are taken across every sphere . . .

"The repercussions of ‘Big Data’ are already being felt and will bring myriad benefits to society as part of the solution to pressing global problems, including climate change, disease eradication and fostering good governance and economic development.

"The challenge is to prepare and educate ourselves for the era in which correlation will replace causality, which is where When Data Speaks becomes essential reading."