John Maxwell returns to publishing

<p>John Maxwell has returned to publishing just months after selling his discount and remainder business, the Caxton Publishing Group.</p><p>The publishing veteran and his business partner Terry Price have been hired by remainder specialist Alphabet UK&#39;s husband-and-wife owners Lee and Linda McDonald. The pair will develop Alphabet&#39;s promotional books business, launching between 12 and 20 titles a year. &quot;What we plan to do is essentially build up a mini-Caxton,&quot; said Maxwell. &quot;It is an exciting challenge, but without the day-to-day pressure of owning a business.&quot;</p><p>Maxwell and Price have been developing Alphabet&#39;s infrastructure with a new computer system now in place and a contract signed for warehousing and distribution with Swift Book Distribution.</p><p>Freelance reps are currently being interviewed, and a number of appointments will be made by the end of this month. Maxwell, who has worked in publishing for 43 years, formed Caxton in 1999.</p><p>He sold the business in November after two years of not being involved in its day-to-day operation as a result of illness. &quot;I was promised a role in the new Caxton, which didn&#39;t materialise. I think I made a mistake selling it on, and this is a great opportunity to get back into the game,&quot; he said.<br /></p>