John Blake signs Muhammad Ali biography by boxer's brother

John Blake signs Muhammad Ali biography by boxer's brother

Bonnier Books UK imprint John Blake has signed the biography of Muhammad Ali by his brother, promising “the final word” on a boxing legend.

Editor James Hodgkinson acquired world English language rights from Charlie Brotherstone at BCM. My Brother, Muhammad Ali: The Definitive Biography by Rahaman Ali will be published on 17th October in hardback, audio and e-book.

Its synopsis explains: “More words have been written about Muhammad Ali than almost anyone else. And yet the one voice missing has been the one belonging to the man who knew him best – Rahaman Ali, his only sibling and best friend. In My Brother, Muhammad Ali: The Definitive Biography, Rahaman paints an evocative, rich and intimate portrait of Muhammad Ali — both the legend and the man. Full of poignant, moving and surprising memories, the book will show readers the icon through a different and more honest lens, painting a portrait of an affable and proud yet vulnerable and relentlessly polarizing man.”

Brotherstone claimed the book was the closest fans could get to another autobiography of the boxing legend. He said: “It will be an intimate portrait of two brothers growing up together in Louisville in the 1940s and remaining lifelong friends right up until Ali’s sad passing in 2016. I’m thrilled that the book has found such an enthusiastic publisher.”

Hodgkinson explained: “Rahaman was Muhammad’s only brother, his best friend, his sparring partner, his bodyguard, his shadow from cradle to grave. No one knew him better. This definitive biography, full of untold stories, is the last piece of the puzzle; the final chapter – the final word – on the greatest sportsman of all time, and one of the leading lights of the twentieth century. John Blake is incredibly proud to be publishing it.”

Rahaman Ali added: “I have so much to tell the world about Muhammad Ali. Whenever we came to London, it was one of our favourite places. I accompanied Muhammad to his fights there, to his autograph sessions and the people were so excited – almost as excited as he was. A couple of years ago, I said I would like to come back to the UK someday. It was such a special place for my brother and I. So thank you so much to John Blake Publishing for making this a reality. I am looking forward to telling the world the true story of my brother’s life.”