JMP's Saltyard buys Melrose & Morgan handbook

JMP's Saltyard buys Melrose & Morgan handbook

Saltyard Books, an imprint of John Murray Press, has acquired an “essential store-cupboard handbook” by the owners of Melrose & Morgan.

Publisher Elizabeth Hallett bought world rights to The Melrose & Morgan Kitchen Handbook: A Grocer’s Guide to Shopping, Preparing, Preserving and Serving from Charlotte Robertson of United Agents.

The book’s authors are Ian James and Nick Selby, who own grocery/deli/bakery Melrose & Morgan, which has branches in Hampstead and Primrose Hill in London.

Hallett said: “This is a content-rich, stylishly-designed book that should find its way into every discerning kitchen. It will make the perfect cook’s companion to help you keep your store-cupboards filled with good things.”

The 18-chapter book is “the shopping basket deconstructed so readers will find out all about seasonality, provenance, storage, preserving and serving the best food”.

The book will also contain recipe suggestions and give advice on key store-cupboard and fresh staples for the kitchen.

Selby said: “Our book aims to help shoppers and home cooks understand what to buy when, how to store it, prepare and serve it.

“One of the principles we applied when we first opened our shop was to help shoppers with decision fatigue – walk into any supermarket and often you are overwhelmed by choice; oils, flours, pulses, pasta – but which type should I be buying?

“This book hopes to help you make some simple choices about the food you want to eat.”

The book will be published in October this year.