JMP to publish 'Plants' tie-in title

JMP to publish 'Plants' tie-in title

John Murray Publishers is to publish a book accompanying a major new BBC Radio 4 series on plants.

Publisher Georgina Laycock acquired rights to Plants: From Roots to Riches from the BBC and Kew Gardens.

The Radio 4 series, also called Plants: From Roots to Riches, will be in 25 parts and will delve into Kew and its collections to “tell the story of how modern botany was born around the time of Kew’s establishment in 1759 and how the last 250 years transformed our relationship with plants”.

It will also look at how changes in scientific, economic and social preoccupations have influenced attitudes to plants.

Laycock said: “Kew is a much-loved British institution with ties all over the world, as well as being a hugely popular tourist attraction, receiving 1.6m visits in 2013.

“But its amazing contribution to science has been overlooked until now. As the British Empire painted the atlas red, explorers, adventurers and scientists brought the most interesting plant specimens and information back to London, and to Kew.

“How we see the world today is down to its teams of experts.

“Taking you on a journey through 250 years in the life of a uniquely world class institution, this book will also tell the history of our culture and of the development of modern science.”

Earlier this year Laycock published the book to accompany the Radio 4 series Tweet of the Day.

Plants: From Roots to Riches will be published on 14th August this year.