JKP to publish Rhyannon Styles on addiction

JKP to publish Rhyannon Styles on addiction

JKP has acquired a new book from journalist Rhyannon Styles, drawing on her personal experiences of addiction.

In Help! I’m Addicted: A Trans Girl’s Self-Discovery and Recovery, Styles will reveal her battle with alcohol, drugs and co-dependence, and explain accessory behaviours like compulsive shopping, under-earning and social anorexia.

Editorial director Andrew James, who bought world rights directly from the author, said he had wished he had signed Styles' debut memoir, The New Girl (Headline, 2017), and was "thrilled" to be publishing her "equally brilliant" follow-up.

"Delving deeper into her journey of recovery from addiction and depression, this emotionally raw, inspiring and practical book shines a unique light onto addictive behaviours and thinking—especially amongst the trans community—and will provide readers with the hope and strength they need for their own recovery," James said.

Styles commented: "In most cases, trans people are bombarded with messages and actions from society that they are not acceptable, whilst still trying to find acceptance within themselves. Perhaps the stress, anxiety, and mental health issues caused by devastating cycles of daily discrimination and stigma are driving this marginalized demographic closer to substance abuse as a way to block out the pain. It is a terrifying predicament. I know because I am one of those statistics."

JKP launched its Gender Diversity list in 2017 and is also the publishers of Charlie Craggs, Fox and Owl Fisher and Juno Roche.