JKP adds four to gender diversity list

JKP adds four to gender diversity list

Publisher Jessica Kingsley has signed four new "brilliant" and "much-needed" books to its gender diversity list.

The Trans Partner Handbook by Jo Green, an "insightful", step-by-step guide for when your partner transitions, will be published in August. According to the publisher, 55% of such relationships endure through the transition process, but there is "very little information" available for the supporting partners. With personal reflections from more than 15 trans partners in healthy and successful relationships, this book provides detailed descriptions and practical advice for those supporting a partner as they transition.

Publishing in September is Transgender Employees in the Workplace by Jennie Kermode, a guide for employers which clarifies their legal responsibilities and provides advice on the social, emotional and medical aspects of transitioning so that they can best support trans employees.  

How to Understand Your Gender by Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker presents the ways we can all better understand gender, and how people can change and express their gender identity. Considering biological and cultural understandings of gender, gender expression, and relationships and sexuality, this is an "excellent starting point" for anybody thinking about what gender means to them, the publisher said. How to Understand Your Gender will also be published in September. 

Coming in December will be a "striking" new graphic novel called First Year Out by Sabrina Symington. It follows Lily, a transgender woman as she transitions to become her true self. Depicting her experiences from coming out right through to gender reassignment surgery, Lily's story provides "vital advice and will empower anyone questioning their gender", the publisher said.

The publisher holds world rights to all four titles.