JK Rowling to save Christmas?

<p>J K Rowling&#39;s The Tales of Beedle the Bard could help save what many expect to be a tough Christmas for publishers and retailers.</p><p>Publishers Weekly quotes Mary McCarthy, Ingram Book Group&#39;s director of merchandising, who notes that the low price, the Potter connection and the &ldquo;charity appeal&rdquo;&mdash;net proceeds to Scholastic, Bloomsbury and Amazon are being donated to Children&#39;s High Level Group, the charity Rowling co-founded to improve the lives of marginalized children&mdash;will make the book &ldquo;one of the highlights of the season.&rdquo;</p><p>Under pressure booksellers may also be hoping that some of the Rowling magic will rub off on the rest of their holiday season. &ldquo;Everyone knows someone who loves Harry Potter. It&#39;s a great stocking stuffer and a wonderful addition to a Harry Potter library,&rdquo; says Diane Mangan, director of children&#39;s merchandising at Borders Book Group. Already Beedle is getting strong preorders at both Borders and Borders.com. And Mangan is hoping to keep up the momentum by highlighting the book on Borders&#39;s homepage and giving it front-of-store treatment in its stores on publication. </p><p>However, McCarthy strikes a note of caution, warning the release may present some logistical distribution challenges.</p>