Jessica Kingsley Publishers to launch online autism conference

Jessica Kingsley Publishers to launch online autism conference

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) will hold an online conference entitled "Connected by Autism" later this month.  

From 22nd to 27th March, through six days of presentations and conversations, the company hopes to create an accessible conference space for learning, understanding and celebration, featuring authors and readers. “With each day based around a theme important to the community today such as receiving a diagnosis, mental health and wellbeing, or intersectionality, we’re offering our readers unprecedented access to the expertise and lived experience of our authors,” JKP said. 

It will feature live webinars from experts such as Sue Larkey, Pete Wharmby and Joel Shaul as well as presentations from many more. Topics covered will include mental health and wellbeing, self-regulation, socialising and communication, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, discussing a diagnosis, self-employment and yoga among other issues. 

“The past year has challenged us all, and the live events we’re used to attending have been sorely missed," JKP said. "Many autistic people struggled with the sudden and unpredictable changes in routine as lockdowns came and went, while others found that the move online offered opportunities to learn or socialise in alternative ways that suited them. An idea was sparked in the JKP autism team – could we bring our content to the community in a new way?”   

Sanphy Thomas, company m.d., said: “JKP’s work with the autism community goes back more than 30 years; our books in this area are the foundation and backbone of our publishing. We are immensely proud of the support we have provided over the years for those whose lives are touched by autism and feel privileged to be servicing this incredible community.” 

Lisa Clark, editorial director, said: “JKP is proud to have published so many amazing authors, some of whom have written numerous books for us and many of whom feel like family. Every one — from autistic individuals using their voices to help, support and advocate, to professionals imparting expertise, to parents sharing experiences and advice – has created positive change in the autism community. I am delighted that such a diverse cross-section of our authors are involved in this event, and that our longstanding readers and people new to JKP alike will benefit from their knowledge and experience.”   

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