Jenkins pens 'short history' of England for Profile

<p>Journalist Simon Jenkins will write a short history of England after Profile bought a new book with the support of the National Trust. Profile managing director Andrew Franklin and associate editor Daniel Crewe bought world rights from Jenkins in a deal brokered by John Stachiewicz, publisher and head of the media group at the National Trust, for a &quot;healthy advance&quot;. Jenkins is chairman of the National Trust.</p><p>The book, as yet untitled, will be published as an illustrated hardback in 2011. Franklin said: &quot;Simon Jenkins is amazing. Not only is he a <em>Guardian</em> columnist, former editor of the <em>Evening Standard</em> and the <em>Times</em>, he is also chairman of the National Trust, which is more successful now than ever before . . . Half Welsh and half English he is steeped in England&rsquo;s past and present like no one else I can think of. It is no small task to take in everyone from William the Conqueror to Tony Blair but Simon will write a magisterial account that will be treasured for years to come.&quot;</p><p>Stachiewicz said: &quot;I am delighted that the National Trust will be working with Profile Books on what I can guarantee will prove to be an exciting and effervescent publication. Profile&rsquo;s passion and enthusiasm shone through strongly during the acquisition stage of this project, and it will prove to be a natural house for this book.&quot;</p><p>Jenkins said: &quot;I&rsquo;ve been fascinated by England&#39;s history since my schooldays (my own favourite period has always been the seventeenth century). Over the last two decades, while researching my books on England&rsquo;s best churches and houses, I became still more aware of its richness and power. I was astonished that there was no short history of England, and I was delighted when Profile approached me. Stepping into my new role as chairman of the National Trust seemed the ideal time to start writing. The book will focus on England (as distinct from the UK and its empire), and I am keen to get back to basics in the study of history. There&rsquo;ll be a strong narrative &ndash; complete with facts and dates.&quot;<br /></p>