Jenkins digital edition from Profile

Jenkins digital edition from Profile

Profile is to release a digital edition of England's 100 Best Views by Simon Jenkins alongside its hardback publication in October.

The digital edition, developed alongside Yudu, will be released for iBooks Author, and feature the views as 360 degree panoramas, in high quality and full colour, alongside embedded live maps.

As well as being released as a complete edition, Profile will also release regional editions for different areas, priced at £2.99, as well as a London edition, which will be free to download.
These will be published alongside the hardback edition on 3rd October.

Michael Bhaskar, digital publishing director, said: "We want our digital editions to be as good as our print editions. That means not just releasing straightforward copies, but designing content and adding functionality to create imaginative, stylish and useful—in short the best possible—e–books. T

"hese editions will be perfect for anyone going on holiday in England, tailored to specific regions, letting you find the views that define the country."

The selected views come from across England, including the White Cliffs of Dover, Hadrian's Wall, and the Lake District.