Janson-Smith has Transworld moment

<p>Patrick Janson-Smith, the former Transworld publisher who left to become an agent with Christopher Little, has sold his first book back to the Random House Group. <em>The Glamorous (Double) Life</em> of Isabel Bookbinder is the first title in a series by d&eacute;but novelist Holly McQueen, and was bought by Kate Elton at Arrow for launch next May.</p><p>Janson-Smith said: &quot;The moment Holly and I walked into the Arrow meeting room and saw . . . each letter of Isabel Bookbinder&rsquo;s name attached to an individual pink and sparkly cake, we knew we were in the right place. Intended as a serious compliment, it was a Transworld moment: the whole team onside, all excited and all working towards the same goal.&quot;</p>