Jamie Oliver reveals cover for latest cookbook

Jamie Oliver reveals cover for latest cookbook

Jamie Oliver has revealed the cover for his latest cookbook, 7 Ways, which will offer new takes on supermarket staples. 

Michael Joseph will publish 7 Ways: Easy ideas for every day of the week in hardback on 20th August. 

The book, which is a companion to 5 Ingredients, takes the nation’s most popular supermarket staples—the things most people already buy most of the time—and shows them seven new, "exciting and achievable recipes to help reinvigorate everyone’s repertoire". 

Oliver said: “7 Ways is designed to be my most user-friendly book ever. Packed with simple, exciting and delicious recipes—none of which require more than a small handful of ingredients—it’s been a joy to write.” 

Rather than asking people to change the way they shop, Oliver has researched what shoppers already buy week in, week out, and will offer seven new takes on 18 hero ingredients—including chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, aubergines, eggs, potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms. 

Michael Joseph m.d. Louise Moore added: “In 7 Ways Jamie has created the ultimate user-friendly, simple and inspirational book. Aimed at cooks and non-cooks alike, these are super easy and exciting meals for everyone, every day of the week. This book is genius: we can’t wait to share it with you.”

Oliver is the second-biggest-earning author of all time through the UK TCM (and top for non-fiction), with 15.1 million books sold for £187.4m, according to Nielsen. His bestseller is Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals at 1.87 million copies sold, and Veg has sold 460,795 copies since last August to become the bestselling vegetarian cookery title since records began.