Three James Patterson books released in digital for first time

Three James Patterson books released in digital for first time

James Patterson's first three Alex Cross detective novels are being released in e-format for the first time by Arrow on 1st January 2017.

The novels, Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls and Jack and Jill, were originally published in the nineties (1993, 1995 and 1996, respectively). Their reissue in e-format will now allow new and existing Cross fans to download the classics onto their own devices.

Published in 43 languages in over 100 countries, the Alex Cross series of books following Washington DC-based former FBI agent and psychologist Alex Cross is Patterson's biggest-selling series.

Patterson’s first Alex Cross title, Along Came a Spider, features the kidnap of a little girl from her exclusive private school, the murder of a family of three in the projects of Washington DC and a serial kidnapper and murderer who continued to outsmart the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police. The second Alex Cross novel is set in Los Angeles, involving the death of a reporter in North Carolina while investigating a series of murders and the disappearance of a beautiful medical intern, while the third starts with the baffling murder of a controversial US Senator.

Patterson this year launched a series of shorter, cheaper novels - all under 150 pages, all priced under £3 - called BookShots with Cornerstone.