James Patterson launches co-writing competition

James Patterson launches co-writing competition

Author James Patterson has launched a competition to give one student the opportunity to co-author a book with him.

To enter, the student must be enrolled in Patterson’s MasterClass – an online video series where Patterson’s teaches writers “tricks of the trade" and "guides them through every part of the book-writing process.”

The student must then submit an idea for a mystey or thriller novel.

“There are a lot of people who have the talent, but haven’t been shown the door to walk through,” Patterson said on the website.

The website adds: "James has been so impressed by the quality of the student work in this class that he wants to help you walk through that door. On 24th May, James will pick one student to co-author a book with—someone who can become a best-selling thriller or mystery writer."

Submissions close on 22nd March. Altogether 10 competition semi-finalists will be awarded a $1,000 (£709.98) cash prize based on their book summary, example chapter and hook. Three competition finalists will then be selected to submit outlines for their book ideas. These finalists will be awarded a $2,500 (£1774.95) cash prize. The winner will earn the chance to co-author a book with Patterson and MasterClass will award a $5,000 (£3549.9) prize. The winner will be announced on 24th May 2016.

Patterson's class features 22 video lessons and exercises and costs $90 (£63.90).