James May tie-in for Anova

<p>Anova Books has secured the tie-in to James May&#39;s forthcoming series &quot;Toy Stories&quot; in a &quot;hotly contested auction&quot;. The deal was handled by agent Luigi Bonomi of LBA. According to the publishers, the offer was &quot;not necessarily the highest&quot; but May wanted the title to be published by Anova&#39;s specialist military publishing imprint Conway, which is expanding into hobby books.</p><p>The series of six hour-long episodes will air on BBC2 this autumn. May will stage stunts using iconic toys, such as creating a plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show and building a full-size house out of Lego. According to Anova &quot;the motivation behind the show is to get children to leave their bedrooms, put down their games consoles and start playing as a family again&quot;.</p><p>James May&#39;s <em>Toy Stories</em> will be published in October as a &pound;20 hardback. It will describe in detail how May and his team of helpers, including celebrities, famous collectors and children, planned and carried out each challenge. The publisher described it as &quot;more than just a traditional TV tie-in&quot;, with simple projects and a look at the social history behind each toy.<br /></p>