Irish book sales plummet in February

Book sales in Ireland fell almost 12 times the rate of that of general retail sales for February.

Last month's overall retail figures were down 0.7% in value and 0.3% in volume year-on-year according to CSO data, but the book, newspaper and stationery category plummeted by 8.3% in value and 9% in volume according to Irish Publishing News.

However, the results reveal a slight increase in value from January's figures, where book, newspaper and stationery sales dropped by 9.2% in value, although down just 4.5% in volume.

January's figures are set against a month where the country's overall retail sales figures grew by 3.2% year-on-year and increased by 1% in volume.

The book, newspaper and stationery sub-segment now stands at 80.3% of the 2005 figure in value terms and 70.8% in volume terms, "indicating that the market for books, newspapers and stationery is down 19.7% in value and 29.2% in volume” the story reports.