Iran memoir is reading group choice

Iran memoir is reading group choice

The Temporary Bride by Jennifer Klinec (Virago) has been voted reading groups’ favourite read by a debut author following a poll to celebrate National Reading Group Day.

The Reading Agency and The Booksellers Association revealed on Saturday (20th June), National Reading Group Day, that Klinec had topped a UK-wide online poll as the debut reading groups' most wanted to read and champion this year.

The Temporary Bride, a memoir of love and food in Iran by London-based Canadian writer Jennifer Klinec, was the clear poll winner, The Reading Agency said, receiving over a third of the total votes registered via The Reading Agency’s Reading Groups for Everyone website, which hosts reading group resources and publisher offers for over 4,000 registered reading groups of all ages and interests.

Groups who voted were also invited to register interest in reviewing the winning title. The three groups selected will now receive copies of The Temporary Bride to review on the Reading Groups For Everyone website, including Whitegrove Library Book Group from Bracknell, Berkshire; Horsham-based A Good Read from West Sussex, and the Wine, Women and Words reading group in Barnet, north London.

Klinec said: “I'm thrilled to have won this competition. Having visited over 25 reading groups all across the UK, from Belfast to Edinburgh to Poole and the Isle of Wight, I have received the most incredible reception for my book, The Temporary Bride.  I think it shows how the deeply human themes of love, courage and belonging are universal in Yorkshire or Devon, as well as in deepest Iran where the book takes place. As a new author, the word-of-mouth recommendations of librarians and book sellers and the strength of reading groups have been instrumental in so many people picking up and reading my book, set in a country which remains an obscure place to many.”

The Temporary Bride recounts how its author abandoned a corporate career to set up a culinary school in London. Intrepidly going to Iran in search of ancient recipes she ends up falling in love – across cultural boundaries – with the son of her Persian cooking instructor.

“Wine, Women and Words is super excited to have been selected to read and review the book chosen as the Reading Groups For Everyone newcomer of 2015,” says Maya Bauer on behalf of the group. “We enjoy reading books by new writers and especially the way they bring new perspectives and fresh ideas into their work. At times we’ve been disappointed by some more established authors when we’ve selected a book based on their reputation, so we’re always game to try a new name.”