IPG and Unwin launch training fund for indies

<p>The IPG has joined forces with the Unwin Charitable Trust to launch a fund designed to help independent publishers with professional training. <br /><br />Announced at the weekend&#39;s IPG Conference, the IPG Training Grant will subsidise firms wishing to send staff members to the Publishing Training Centre. <br /><br />The fund - a total of &pound;10,000 - is open to companies that have been running at least two years and employ 10 people or fewer, including part-timers and directors. The grant is limited to &pound;150 per individual applicant per year, and will be administered by the training centre. <br /><br />Merlin Unwin, of Merlin Unwin Books and the Unwin Charitable Trust, told delegates at the conference: &quot;As a small, independent publisher based in Shropshire, I know how expensive it is to send members of staff to the excellent courses at Book House in Wandsworth. I hope this fund will help a bit towards these costs and encourage training.&quot;<br /><br />Andrew Johnston, chair of the IPG, added: &quot;These grants are hugely valuable to small publishers, and will give many IPG members the help they need to become even better and more professional publishers over the coming years.&quot;</p>