iPads could arrive in the UK a day early

<p>A number of media outlets are reporting that iPad devices are beginning to arrive in the UK, one day ahead of the official release date of the 28th May. According to The Bookseller&#39;s new favourite website geeky-gadgets.com people who have pre-ordered them may get them a day early as there are reports that many are showing a delivery date of today.</p><p>&quot;People who have pre-ordered the iPad have had shipping confirmation from a number of different delivery companies with a delivery date of the 27th of May, whether the iPad will arrive today remains to be seen.&quot;</p><p>Those hoping to buy the iPad on the high street from Apple stores will have to wait another day, though it has now been comfirmed that Dixons and Currys, part of the DSGi group will carry the device in their stores from launch.</p><p><a href="../news/119538-international-ibookstore-launches---but-with-only-free-books.html" target="_blank" title="http://www.thebookseller.com/news/119538-international-ibookstore-launch... reported yesterday</a>, a fully functioning iBookstore may be someway behind the launch of the actual device, with only free books on offer so far. </p><p>&nbsp;</p>