iPad users may not become book readers, report finds

A large proportion of iPad owners in the US have not used the device to read an e-book, a survey from media and publishing forecast firm Simba Information reveals.

A report on the firm's "Trade E-Book Publishing 2011" showed that 40% of iPad owners have not read a book on the device, with 45% of survey respondents saying they instead read e-books on the PC or Mac.

Senior analyst and author of the report Michael Norris said: "A lot of people equate the sale of a new sale gadget with the creation of a new reader, and it just doesn't happen. In both the offline and online world, there are a lot of independent factors and distractions that will keep a person from discovering and enjoying a book."

The survey also found that during 2010, women for the first time outnumbered men as e-book buyers, shifting from the 2009 results which showed 13% of men and 9% of women had bought an e-book.

Norris added: "In 2009, about 6,000 people a day bought an e-book for the first time. 2010 expansion was less dramatic on the newcomer side, but the population of e-book buyers shifted away from the disengaged and occasional buyer and towards consumers who are more committed to reading print and digital books in general."