Left-wing indies form international alliance for pandemic support

Left-wing indies form international alliance for pandemic support

A group of international publishers have a formed a coalition, the Radical Publishers Alliance, to support each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

The alliance aims to promote the exchange of publishing advice during the crisis and how to encourage readers to support presses. Publishers will co-ordinate virtual panels and book launches, and maintain an online hub of events being hosted by each press.

Their first initiative,#RadicalMay, launches today (1st May) and will entail a month long online book fair, featuring panel discussions and talks with authors from around the world. The event is in partnership with the Literal book festival, which is held annually in Barcelona.

The alliance includes 50 publishers from the UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, Italy, Germany, Argentina and Indonesia, which identify as radical left wing.

UK based publisher Pluto Press is a member of the alliance. M.d. Veruschka Selbach said: 'The one thing about this crisis that is turning out to be very encouraging is the willingness of everyone to work together.

"The mutual aid initiatives that this crisis has brought to the fore are very exciting and I think this could become the norm. We’ve seen the damage that competitive capitalism does to our planet, relationships, physical and mental health. It’s time to put away those childish, selfish thinking patterns and embrace a more equal future."

Other participants in the alliance include Verso, Myriad Editions and Repeater, as well as US presses including Haymarket Books, The New Press, Seven Stories Press and O/R Books, and Canadian presses Between the Lines, New Society Publishers and Fernwood Publishing.