Insight releases interactive apps

Insight releases interactive apps

Travel Publisher Insight Guides has digitised its list and created a set of interactive apps to target mobile phone and tablet users.

The publisher is releasing 10 iPhone and iPad apps featuring tools like an itinerary builder and a phrase book, which are usable offline. A list of 70 e-books will also be released onto the market, starting now and continuing throughout the year, featuring attributes such as zoomable maps and book marking.

Jason Mitchell, publishing operations manager at Insight Guides, said the publisher was pricing its e-books around £9-10. "We wanted to look more at iPhones and iPads, having a range of interactive experiences, so we have taken some of the best features in some of the travel guide series and put them into the apps," Mitchell said.

Katharine Leck, managing director of Insight Guides, said the publisher had "spent time researching" a target audience in the digital market instead of "rushing headlong into digitalisation."

She said: "This is a really important step forward for Insight Guides and one that we anticipate will bring huge rewards. We have managed to develop a number of special features that we believe are unique to Insight and we’re proud of the results."