Investigation into mind of Le Pen to Hurst

Investigation into mind of Le Pen to Hurst

Hurst has signed a book probing the mind of French National Front leader Marine le Pen ahead of the French Elections which will be concluding on Sunday (7th May).

Michael Dwyer, publisher and managing director of Hurst, acquired world English rights to Inside the Mind of Marine Le Pen by Michel Eltchaninoff from Lucinda Karter of The French Publishers’ Agency in New York. The book delves into the thought and vision of the National Front leader who could be the next president of the French Republic.

"Drawing from Le Pen’s speeches as well as interviews with inner-circle FN figures, the book shows that she has "modernised the Front's message and transformed its appeal, without abandoning its extreme ideology. It exposes the surprising range of thinkers quoted and harnessed by Le Pen as she seeks to both evolve and conceal the enduring legacy of her father’s party", the publisher said.

Eltchaninoff is a French author and deputy editor-in-chief of Philosophie Magazine. His Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin (Dans la tête de Vladimir Poutine), also to be published by Hurst, is the winner of the Prix de La Revue des Deux Mondes.

Dwyer said: “Eltchaninoff offers entirely fresh perspectives on two of the most high-profile figures in global politics, revealing who influences them and which books shaped their worldview -- even though both are fundamentally non-intellectual politicians."

Inside the Mind of Marine Le Pen and Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin will both be published in February 2018.